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Find the Best Small Business Loans in Cincinnati, OH

From small businesses owners to start-up entrepreneurs, many Cincinnati residents find themselves in need of a business loan at some point in their careers. Local and nationwide lenders have many loan options to choose from, but finding the right lender to grow your company can be difficult. We researched the best business loans in Cincinnati to help narrow your search.

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Seek Business Capital
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in Cincinnati
  • More than 92% funding approval rate
  • Get approved the same day
  • Online applications available

Startup Consulting • Business Services

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Imperial Advance
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Financial consulting available
  • Flexible loan programs
  • Funds are available in 24 hours
  • Available in Cincinnati

Imperial Advance is an online business loan marketplace that focuses on providing small businesses with access to the funds they need. After you apply for a quote, a financial consultant will contact you with loan offers from numerous lenders.

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National Business Capital
Overall satisfaction rating
  • More than $1 bilion in funding secured
  • Multiple financing options offered
  • Available in Cincinatti
  • More than 10 years of industry experience

Founded in 2007, National Business Capital & Services is a Bohemia, New York-based business financier. It is known for providing loans to small businesses across the US, Peurto Rico and Canda in a quick and efficient manner. The company also offers business equipment financing and business lines of credit, in addition to small business loans.

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How to get a business loan in Cincinnati


There are many reasons Cincinnati entrepreneurs may be in need of a business loan. Some companies need to purchase new business equipment, while others are investing in expansion opportunities. Businesses often use short-term business loans to fund day-to-day operations, hire employees or purchase inventory.

Depending on the kind of loan, you may have the option to take out a short-term or long-term loan. Short-term loans usually have less rigorous application requirements, but they typically have higher interest rates. Long-term loans are generally used by established companies with a history of positive revenue. The table below lists common standards for the two types of loans.

Short-term vs. long-term business loans

Type of loan Description Ideal for
Term loan Company receives upfront funding and makes regular payments over time Established businesses
U.S. Small business Administration (SBA) loan Government-backed loans with lower interest rates Established businesses
Equipment loan Loan used to purchase equipment; equipment serves as collateral Businesses requiring expensive equipment or vehicles
Invoice financing Company receives upfront funding; unpaid invoices are used to secure loan Businesses with unpaid invoices that need a quick infusion of cash
Business line of credit Line of credit that can be drawn from at any time Businesses with unexpected expenses or short-term funding needs
Microloans Smaller loans of less than $50,000 Startups, businesses with small financing needs

Loan terms range from short-term options of as little as three months or long-term loans paid off over up to 25 years. Business owners generally make monthly or semi-monthly payments on their loans.

Applying for a loan in Cincinnati

The qualification process for all loans is similar. First, business owners must apply with their chosen lender. Many offer online applications. Once the loan goes through underwriting and is approved, you’ll receive funding and begin making payments as determined by your loan terms.

Before applying for a loan in Cincinnati, make sure your business meets the necessary qualifications. Microloans might have eligibility requirements, while more traditional loans generally require very good business credit. Those with bad credit can still find business loans through alternative lenders but may pay higher interest rates.

Some loans, such as equipment loans, may require collateral, and businesses may need to pay a downpayment depending on the type and amount of the loan. SBA-backed loans have their own requirements. Check with your lender for specific requirements on other loans.

When comparing loans, be sure to check for fees that may affect your funding. Some of the most common fees include:

  • Loan origination fees
  • Service fees and closing costs
  • Underwriting fees
  • SBA guarantee fee
  • Prepayment penalties

Many lenders in Cincinnati have advisors who can answer questions or help you create a business plan. You can also contact your local branch of the SBA for mentorship and counseling programs for Cincinnati business owners.

Business Loans Reviews

Seek Business Capital

Seek Business Capital provides same-day underwriting to get funding to start-ups and small businesses quickly. The company offers additional services, including business consulting and planning, viability assessments and business insurance. Cincinnati reviewers often mention helpful service and quick response times.

Seek Business Capital

Imperial Advance

Imperial Advance gives financing decisions in minutes if you use the company’s online application. Imperial Advance works with a network of lenders to help customers find the best rates and offers in-house funding that can be disbursed within 24 hours. Many of Imperial Advance’s clients in Cincinnati rave about the company’s responsive customer service team.

Imperial Advance

National Business Capital

National Business Capital provides approvals in as few as 24 hours and has a fast and easy application process. Their funding options include equipment financing, business lines of credit, accounts receivable financing and small business loans. Cincinnati clients love their knowledgeable staff and pain-free funding process.

National Business Capital

Kemba Credit Union

This not-for-profit credit union provides low-interest business loans and other financing options to Cincinnati customers. Business owners can apply online or at one of their local branches and enjoy customized repayment terms and attentive customer service. Kemba finances a variety of business expenses, including equipment and working capital.

Kemba Credit Union

Huntington Bank

Huntington Bank offers a variety of loan options for local businesses. The bank has flexible loan terms, variable interest rates and customizable payment options. Huntington Bank uses relationship managers to help decide which loan would work best for your company. Business customers in Cincinnati report satisfaction with the bank’s lending services.

Huntington Bank