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Cord blood banking is the process of collecting umbilical cord blood stem cells for the future treatment of serious and life-threatening illnesses, including cancer. We researched the best cord blood banks in Cincinnati so you make the right decision for your family’s health.

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  • Cord Blood 2.0® process enables you to preserve up to 2x as many stem cells
  • Umbilical cord blood, cord tissue and placental tissue banking
  • Screenings exceed FDA regulations for testing and quality control
  • Stem cells are stored in cryo-tanks using vapor nitrogen for protection

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New England Blood Bank
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Is cord blood banking worth it?


Each year, nearly 20,000 children are born in the Cincinnati area. After delivery, an increasing number of parents are choosing to collect and store cord blood, or “bank” it, for possible future use by the baby or a sibling.

In Cincinnati, most families with young children live in kid-friendly neighborhoods like Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout and suburbs including Madeira and Indian Hill. Medical staff at area hospitals that deliver a high number of babies, like Good Samaritan Hospital and Bethesda North Hospital, are familiar with cord blood banking and work with parents to collect cord blood before it’s transported to a cord blood banking company lab for processing and storage.

Stem cells from cord blood and cord tissue can be used to treat around 80 different medical conditions. These include:

  • Cancers
  • Blood disorders
  • Bone marrow failure disorders
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Immunodeficiencies

Cord blood banking pros and cons

When considering cord blood banking in Cincinnati, weigh the pros and cons.

Pros of cord blood banking Cons of cord blood banking
Safe, painless and easy for mother and baby High cost
Stem cells can be used to treat around 80 medical conditions Stem cells may never be used
Cord blood will always be accessible Stem cells are not a cure-all
Research is ongoing; uses of cord blood may expand Cord blood can’t always be stored indefinitely

How is cord blood stored?

There are both public and private cord blood banks. At a public cord blood bank, cord blood is stored and available for use by anyone in need. This option costs nothing to parents.

Alternatively, you can choose to work with a private cord blood bank. Private cord blood banks store cord blood for a fee.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates cord blood banking. You can search the FDA’s database for information about registered cord blood banks.

How much does cord blood banking cost in Cincinnati?

Cord blood banking cost in Cincinnati depends on a number of factors:

  • How many babies you are storing blood for
  • Whether you are storing cord tissue in addition to cord blood
  • How many years of storage you are purchasing

Cord blood banking in Cincinnati starts with an initial cost of $1,500 to $2,000 for one child. Expect to pay about $1,000 extra to store cord tissue. Annual cord blood storage costs about $150 to $200. This cost approximately doubles for storage of cord blood and cord tissue.

Cord blood banking companies offer multiple payment options, including paying monthly or annual fees.

Who can use cord blood?

Cord blood may help treat a donor, sibling, other relative or someone unrelated, depending on these factors:

  • Whether the cord blood is stored in a public or private cord blood bank
  • The disease
  • The match between the donor and recipient
  • The quality of the cord blood

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Americord is a leader in cord blood, cord tissue and placental tissue stem cell banking. This company is registered with the FDA and operates in all 50 states. Customers get a quality guarantee, with payment up to $110,000 if cord blood used in a stem cell transplant fails. Reviewers appreciate Americord’s various payment options and say the collection process and courier pickup is easy.

Americord Learn More (917) 338-6773