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Find the Best Dental Insurance in Cincinnati, OH

Maintaining oral health can come with a steep price tag if you pay entirely out of pocket. By getting coverage through a trusted provider, you reduce costs on routine and emergency dental care. We researched the best dental insurance in Cincinnati so you find a plan that’s both affordable and dependable.

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How to choose dental insurance in Cincinnati

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Health insurance is often viewed as a necessity, but what about dental coverage? Here’s the truth: You can be out hundreds, even thousands, of dollars if you need a procedure and don’t have insurance. Most policies have a waiting period before they will pay out for minor or major dental work, so it does no good to put off coverage until you need it.

Most dental insurance plans in Cincinnati are the fee-for-service type and cover three categories: preventive care, basic services and major services. A common coverage, known as “100/80/50,” is explained below.

Type of service Example services Coverage amount
Preventive care Regular checkups, cleanings and X-rays 100%
Basic Fillings, simple extractions, emergency pain relief 80%
Major Dentures, oral surgery, periodontics, root canals, crowns, bridges 50%

Depending on the policy you choose and type of service you receive, a deductible, copayment and coinsurance may apply. Plans also have out-of-pocket maximums and maximum coverage amounts per year.

The cost of dental insurance in Cincinnati is based on a number of factors, including the amount of coverage you purchase: the more comprehensive, the higher the premium, or your monthly cost. The size of the dentist network, your location, the deductible and whether the policy is for an individual or family are other variables.

Alternatively, you may consider dental savings plans, which are not the same as dental insurance. Members of dental savings plans pay an annual fee in exchange for discounted rates with select dentists. Dental savings plans in Cincinnati have no waiting periods or deductibles, but you pay out of pocket at the time service is rendered.

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Cincinnati residents can choose from different dental savings plans from 1Dental.com. Members save between 15 and 60 percent on services, get unlimited annual use and pay no deductibles. There’s no need to worry about pre-existing conditions or waiting periods. Activate a membership is less than five minutes. Customers give positive reviews of 1Dental.com’s customer service.



DentalPlans.com has served over 1 million customers since 1999. This company offers over 30 dental savings plans, with savings of 10 - 60 percent on procedures. Plans come with quick activation, no annual limits and no waiting periods. DentalPlans.com offers a Price Match Guarantee if you find a lower price elsewhere. Customers like the plan options and have experienced meaningful savings.



UnitedHealthcare has dental insurance that meets your needs and fits your budget. Choose from a variety of coverage levels and get access to a wide network of dentists. Preventive care, basic services and major procedures are covered. Many customers who have switched to UnitedHealthcare say they have been able to keep their dentist, but some warn about long waiting periods.