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A good divorce lawyer is a trusted advocate who helps their clients navigate complicated legal proceedings and ensures their rights are protected. People with children or substantial assets particularly benefit from reliable legal representation in family court. We researched the best divorce lawyers in Cincinnati to guide your search for a reliable attorney.

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How to choose a divorce attorney in Cincinnati


In 2019, 2,300 Hamilton County couples filed for divorce or dissolution. More than 40 percent of those divorces involved children. These complicated legal proceedings are very difficult to undertake without the assistance of a trusted divorce lawyer.

The cost of divorce attorneys in Cincinnati

Most divorce attorneys in Cincinnati charge by the hour, meaning the price of divorce depends on the amount of work involved and whether the case goes to court. Contentious divorces are more expensive than amicable ones. The average cost for a divorce attorney is around $250 an hour but can range from $100 to $600 or more an hour.

Some attorneys ask for a retainer, which is an upfront payment from which your lawyer draws fees. Many attorneys in Cincinnati offer a free consultation, so use that meeting to be sure you understand all cost and billing questions.

Choose a divorce attorney in Cincinnati

There are many divorce attorneys available in Cincinnati, and choosing one can be difficult. While researching and speaking with lawyers, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Specialization: Depending on the nature of your divorce, you might choose different specialties of lawyers. Couples with children should hire a family law attorney who can assist with custody arrangements, child support and similar issues. You might also seek different counsel depending on whether your divorce is mediated, litigated or collaborative.
  • Affordability: Some lawyers offer a free consultation to determine if they can assist you with your legal needs. Others charge a consultation fee for the initial conversation. During this talk, you can discuss hourly rates, retainers and other fees.
  • Compatibility: A divorce lawyer helps you through an important life change, so consider personal compatibility before selecting legal representation. Make sure you feel comfortable with the attorney.
  • Location: If you have to travel to your lawyer's office, evaluate the convenience of its location to your work and home. There are many established, well-respected legal firms in areas like Blue Ash, Downtown and Hyde Park, as well as other neighborhoods in Cincinnati.

During your initial conversation, ask your lawyer a few questions before signing an agreement. Specific questions to ask include:

  • Do you specialize in divorces? How much experience do you have?
  • What is your fee structure? Hourly rate? Are there any other anticipated costs? How will I be billed?
  • Will anyone else in your office be working on my case?
  • What is your strategy for my case? How will alimony/child support/child custody will be determined?
  • How will you communicate with me? How quickly do you return phone calls/emails?

Because of the importance and potential consequences of a divorce, be sure you choose an attorney who will effectively advocate for you. While affordability is always an important consideration, choosing the cheapest attorney is not always the best option.

Divorce Lawyers Reviews

Authorized Partner

Shur Law of Cincinnati

Attorneys at Shur Law specialize in family law, including divorce, dissolution, separation and child custody. The firm prides itself on affordable and effective services with timely communication via a client portal. After filling out a divorce questionnaire, you can schedule a free 30-minute meeting at an office or virtually before proceeding with a retainer. Offices are located in Downtown, West Chester, Blue Ash, Hyde Park and Northern Kentucky.

Shur Law of Cincinnati

LMH Law Office, LLC

LMH Law Office LLC provides legal expertise and personalized attention for those in Cincinnati who need mediation or family law services. Loretta Marie Helfrich practices in a number of areas, including divorce and dissolution, child support, custodial agreements, alimony agreements and other areas of family law.

LMH Law Office, LLC

Beth Silverman & Associates, LLC

Beth Silverman & Associates have specialized in family law for more than 35 years, representing Cincinnati clients in divorce cases and other domestic affairs. The firm offers free phone consultations, online bill paying and resources that include an informational blog. Cincinnati clients praise the firm for being resourceful, organized and professional.

Beth Silverman & Associates, LLC

Cordell & Cordell

Cordell & Cordell is a family law firm that specializes in representing men in divorce and advocating for fathers’ rights. The firm offers experienced representation in family law areas, including child support and custody, alimony arrangements and paternity. Reviews from Cincinnati recommend the firm, saying it provides a good value for the results.

Cordell & Cordell